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About Curta

Curta is the Business Innovator.  Hiring authorities across all industries and sectors engage Curta to applying our extensive knowledge of body language, profiling, business acumen and strategic planning to fix their unique challenges.

The reason everyone has been calling Curta since 2009 is, “If you have a business problem.  You really have a people problem. Curta is the ONLY place with the answers you have been looking for.” Beyond 2017, this will still always be the reason everyone calls Curta.

Since 2009 Curta has been the leading experts in innovating the Staffing and Recruiting Industry.  “The Recruiter’s Coach” was synonymous with the “Recruiter’s Therapist.” Applying our in-depth psychological understanding of the nature and nurture of a Top Performing Recruitment Professionals.  Curta began working with third party agencies by training, coaching and placing only Top Recruiting Professionals.  As our reputation grew, CEOs’ COOs’ and heads of Human Resources from all other industries began to seek us out.  Curta ensures all hiring authorises in an organization are just as competitive, if not more competitive for talent than the outside headhunters collecting placement fees.

In 2017, Curta is now an executives “best kept secret.”  In today’s global environment of lowering overall operating expenses accompanied by higher demands on individual productivity, executives from all industries are turning to Curta to be their personal secret weapon against stagnation.  Applying our extensive knowledge of body language, profiling, business acumen and strategic planning we provide them with the powerhouse solutions that will ensure they exceed their aggressive business goals in this shifting market.

Continuing into the future Curta is cultivating our reputation of being an individual’s or company’s “best kept secret.”  As the Global Business Innovator, Curta’s is continuing to applying our extensive knowledge of body language, profiling, business acumen and strategic planning to provide unconventional solutions that will advance our clients’ options. Evolving Curta’s services to ensure our clients’ options while maintaining a high level of confidentiality we are continuing to offer training and coaching.  We have renamed our “headhunting” services to be “Relationship Broker.” The title “Relationship Broker” enables our clients to engage us on higher level introductions, for example introducing a buyer and a seller when an acquisition is available.  Other advanced services include Strategic Planning, Negotiating, Moderating and Researching.  Today being the future, Curta’s services are all flexible to meet our clients’ complexity.


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Our Services

Curta Precision Recruitment Specializes in the Coaching, Training, and Placements of Recruiters

  • Curta has been instrumental in helping me define my goals, seek out the business I need to achieve those goals and is always there when I need to review, change up, or completely reinvent a strategy or approach. Since meeting the Curta team I have been able to grow my business ten-fold, I have established myself as a top-tier recruiter in my industry and am often sought out by companies that I once only dreamed of working with.

    - Alison Hemmings -
  • I have been recruiting for almost 10 years and I have only met two other people who understand this business as well as Rebecca does. And neither of them, as great as they were, understood a recruiter’s psyche like Rebecca.

    - Cynthia K Wade -
  • I resigned from a high level position at a multi-billion dollar firm to start my own firm. Understanding the value of a good coaching, I knew to look for one who would understand my situation. Rebecca was excellent to work with – very candid – helpful with ideas, knew when to push and to reassure. She was extremely valuable in helping me transition and now my firm is operating on a steady path to success, I definitely owe this, in part, to her invaluable coaching.

    - Jennifer Taylor -
  • Rebecca Sargeant is one of the few people in the recruitment industry who actually gets what it takes to be successful. Rebecca has a great understanding of where the industry needs to be and the vision to help take it there.

    - Massimo Mancini -
  • I hired Curta Precision Recruitment to apply their expertise towards the future business strategy of my recruitment company. I found their experience and insight extremely valuable. They have exposure working with both large and small recruitment firms, which allows them to provide macro-level insight for your strategy needs.

    - Michael Allemano -



We Place Recruiters

We are the experts in placing Recruiters. We know Headhunters.

Curta Precision Recruitment specializes in placing top recruitment talent in both third party agencies and corporate environments across North America. For more information about our current openings or for a Free Career Evaluation, call us at the numbers below.

We pride ourselves in being a recruitment agency that focuses on representing recruitment professionals. We know recruiters.

In USA: 617-396-4450

In Canada: 905-627-5060

Don’t see a role that fits your next career step? Send us your resume to be considered for any future opportunities that we may have ahead of us.

We are always looking to increase our team of recruiters. We are looking for individuals who share our passion for finding top talent across the continent. Contact us and let us know why you think we should include you on our team page.

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Recruiter Training Programs

All of our Recruiter Training Programs are based on 50 years of hands-on experience in the Recruitment In the industry.

Using our hands on experience, we have developed the “Curta Precision Training Methodology”. Curta Precision Training goes beyond using just a single formula for success. Our methodology explains how and why different success formulas work, then assists in designing a unique and personalized formula for each recruiter.

In addition to the supplied training material, Curta Precision Training ensures that all recruiter training programs are offered in a way that will facilitate full implementation. No more sending your recruiters to a training seminar and hoping to find one gem. We will present a process that will ensure lasting improvement in revenue and production.

Both new and seasoned recruiters are using Curta Precision Training to find immediate success. If our training programs are not a complete introduction to the process, they are a new and innovative way at looking at one of the world’s oldest professions.We thrive on your success and the positive feedback we get back from recruiters helps us make our programs better and more relevant each time we run them.

Check out our Training Programs on the Side Navigation.

Want to develop and build on your business accumen? Want to move up or move on from your current job? Do you want to make a huge change in your career? We offer Mentorship programs to business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their business and professional life.

Our Coaching sessions will identify weaknesses in your business and career plans, giving you skills and methods to achieve your goals. Our Coaching sessions will teach you how to recognize poor behavior in both yourself and your staff, giving you the tools to manage yourself back to effective habits. This will keep you accountable to an industry expert, as well as giving you the constant training and confidence to achieve your business and career goals.

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Recruiter Foundational Training
Yes, the name is a mouthful, but it encapsulates what we offer, which is this: All that is required for business owners and managers to develop beginner internal staff!

The Recruiter Foundational Training program is a series of 5 half-day interactive live webinars. They are designed to have your new hires training in the mornings, and back at their desks in the afternoon, producing and applying their recently acquired skills. 

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Recruiter Refresher
This is an advanced training program for the experienced recruiter. Maybe you are already billing $125K? Then this training program is designed to get you to $250K or more. The aim of this training is to fine tune recruitment skills, refocus your work efforts, and more importantly boost your production.
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Marketing Candidates
Seventy-five recruitment professionals took the Marketing Candidates course over last summer. Out of those participants one generated ten brand new job orders from a new client, and another generated $300K of new business. Finally, another student placed one marketable candidate and generated $25K fee from a new client by making one phone call and scheduling a face-to-face interview.

Curta Precision Recruitment offers an intense four hour course via an interactive live webinar. No expenses or interruption to your organization is necessary. Our convenient training can take place right at your desk. 

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Selling in the Knowledge Age
Selling in the Knowledge Age targets individuals in an a consulting organization who have the prime responsibility of hunting for new clients and job orders. This course is for Sales Professionals that are currently closing over $200K, and new to the Recruiting/Staffing Industry.
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Mastering Solution Selling
Mastering Solution Selling targets individuals in an organization who have the prime responsibility of hunting for new clients and job orders.This course is for Sales professionals with over 3 years experience, closing over $200K, already experienced in the Recruiting/Staffing Industry.

The main goal of this class is having your staff learn how to get comfortable on the phone again, building relationships with clients and candidates that builds lasting business.

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Negotiate to Win
Life is a negotiation and none of us take the time to learn the skill. Once you know the basics of negotiation, we can work on what it will take to win every conversation.

This is a great training program for anyone despite industry or skill level. Never be held back because you’re afraid of negotiation.

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Rebecca Sargeant

Chief Executive Officer / Speaker

As a thought leader in the Recruitment Industry, Rebecca has made her mark as the Recruiter’s Coach and Founder of Curta Precision Recruitment.


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