23 Jun 2016

Six Companies That Are Killing the Game When it Comes to Perks

When I talk to candidates now, what they want is about more than just the salary that they will make per year. I would say that more job candidates will actually take less money per year if they feel that there are competitive perks and benefits provided to them at a certain organization. There is a reason why many of the tech, marketing and social media companies are providing more perks and on-site benefits; and it’s to attract talent without putting themselves out of business paying above market price for great talent.

Right now there are a ton of companies out there really killing the game when it comes to employee perks and incentive packages, especially when it comes to the health and work/life balance of their top talent. Here are five organizations that are at the top of their game right now when it comes to rewarding member of their organization.


It should come as no surprise that a snowboard manufacturer would be an amazing place to work. Founded by Jake Burton in 1977, the company stays true to its roots lodged in the mountain on which it was born. Burton provides free season passes on the slopes for all of its employees; a company ride day where the whole crew comes together and boards together with family and friends; a demo closet where they can test new products; and awesome discounts on Burton gear.

On top of all of that they provide a dog-friendly office, a skate park behind the office, and if it snows more than 2 feet they’re all allowed to take the day off and shred some fresh powder. As well they encourage grass root organizations in their company such as a group of environmentally minded employees who work to reduce environmental impact as a company, a group that is focused on company culture and transparency in the organization, and a group that focuses on promoting and progressing a number of women’s initiatives in the company, hoping to secure Burton as a brand and employer of choice for women who are out on the slopes.


The perks at Dropbox start early on in the morning, right at free breakfast. But it doesn’t stop there and actually includes a free lunch and dinner as well. They also have an office that comes full stacked with a music studio and games rooms, hosting their very own gaming tournaments in the off-times. As well, employees never have to worry about filling up their Dropbox, because they get to set their own storage quota (which is lucky for them, since I filled mine up in about a month and a half).

On top of everything else, Dropbox knows how to end the week with a bang – and that’s with Dropbox’s Whiskey Fridays.

The WhiteWave Foods Corporation

WhiteWave in Denver, Colorado knows how to treat their employees well with Halloween parties, free zoo passes, cocktail hours, and company races. They also have a Wave Cafe on site that has gourmet food offerings that not only taste amazing but provide organic, healthy and sustainable food options for their diners. They also provide on-site fitness classes and an honor-system sick policy that means employees take time off if they need to recover instead of mandating the number of days per year that is allowed.


This is a social game and advertising company that recognizes its employees every six weeks with their very own award show. They host the YouRock Awards at the company’s all-hands meetings as a way to promote a bottom-up employee nomination process to recognize people they work with daily. They award employees and teammates for solving problems, designing games, demonstrating innovation, and exhibiting behaviours aligned with the company values. They can win awards such as cash, concert tickets, extra days off or even leading edge tech products.


This is an organization that knows what to do to keep its employees healthy and actively engaging with the organization. They give their employees free primary care and generic prescriptions, 24-hour access to telemedicine, orthodontic coverage, and wellness coaches. As well, their on-site fitness center and weight management program encourages employees to stay in shape, along with a nap room at the company headquarters to keep employees feeling refreshed and ready to work.

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