07 Jul 2016

Five Ways to Work on Vacation (If You Really Have To)

It’s the summer, everyone and their brother is heading out on a road trip with the family or jetting off to Europe for a quick sight-seeing tour. We all want to leave our work in our hometown, but unplugging isn’t always that easy. Sometimes you have to take work with you, and I know from experience that is sometimes easier said than done.

So how can you work while you’re on vacation without spending all of your time behind your computer or on the phone?

Find someone to re-direct your calls to. When away it’s standard to set up an out-of-office email response for your clients. But don’t leave your clients and candidates hanging with a generic response. Work out something with a member of your team and have your clients redirected to them. This will lighten up the workload that you’re coming back to and won’t completely halt business while you’re gone.

Find a check-in time. Work out a time with your team that works best for you to check in everyday. If it’s important that you keep contact with work while you’re away, then you need to make sure that you control when they can talk to you. Any time out of the window of work time should be left for emergency calls only.

Make sure you stick to the boundaries that you’ve set. If you cave once then your team will assume that you’re going to cave again. If you pick up a call that isn’t an emergency outside of your allotted work time, then they will assume that you’ll answer once more. Don’t set a precedent for constantly answering emails anyway or picking up your phone when you’re sightseeing. Make sure the boundaries are hard set and fast.

Make sure your family knows that you are working. Sometimes the hardest thing to handle is your family. While they are on vacation, they need to understand that for two hours a day you are busy and can’t be jet-setting all over the place. Make sure you let them know that between 10-12 in the morning, or whatever time you decide, that you are considered at work. Even if you’re sitting in the same room it’s important that you are untouchable and unreachable. From there, you are free the whole day!

Don’t work if you don’t need to. If nobody is asking you to work then don’t! You don’t need to be there and your team will get by without you. Have some faith in the people that you hired and trust that they can do the job without you for a week or so.

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