12 Jul 2016

How to Support Your Team From Vacation

As an entrepreneur, manager, or CEO it can be a daunting feat to take a vacation in the middle of the summer. Depending on your market, you’re undoubtedly trying to carry forward any sort of momentum you built up in the beginning of the year and leaving your sales team behind can be scary. What if they have questions? How can you support them from your vacation and then actually enjoy your much needed time off?

I know that struggle and I’ve been managing that struggle for as long as I have had a team to lead or a business to keep moving forward. Here are some tips for every business owner or manager out there.

Make sure your automations are still going out. There is nothing worse than coming back to a cold desk and if you are regularly handing leads off to your team, you need to make sure they’re still coming in. Make sure that your weekly newsletters are still going out or that you have an automation available for your clients and leads. Your clients and customers still need to be receiving relevant information about your products and services from your email, especially if your sales team isn’t the one usually sending out the emails.

Make sure that your sales team knows when the market is hot. Ideally, you’re not taking a vacation in the middle of the deal. However sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have a client that needs extra attention, make sure you assign an account manager before you leave. Don’t lose a deal because you let it sit too long.

You have to make sure it doesn’t look like you are away from work. Program your social media so that you are still active on all of your accounts even if you aren’t signing in everyday. Schedule your posts ahead of time with programs like Hootsuite and Buffer.

Request progress reports even when you are away. If you trust your team and feel like you don’t have to check up on them, still request the progress report. It will hold them accountable to something and even if you just give them a casual once over, it will alert you of a problem before it starts to affect your business.

Do a daily call. Check in with your team once a day or even every other day. It will keep them accountable and only take up 15 minutes in your vacation.

If you have any other ideas for managing employees while on vacation let us know! We love to hear your feedback.

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