14 Jul 2016

Five Ways You Can Get Smarter While Laying Out in the Sun

We typically don’t think about summer as a time to learn. We think about it as a time to take a vacation and give our brain that much needed break. This is when we start to focus on our health, tans, and families. However, “me-time” in the summer doesn’t have to just be about tanning and reading magazines, you should take this time to invest in yourself. Whether it’s through some constructive therapy, continued education, or even a couple of massage appointments. Don’t just spend money on your family and vacation, focus on yourself as well.

So here are five ways you can get smarter over the summer break and get ready to hit your desk with a brand new perspective after your vacation.

Go and get a massage. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your brain is relax. I don’t mean take a nap or go for a walk on the beach, I mean a full-body relaxation period that has you relieving all of the built up tension left over in your muscles. I suggest going to a Registered Massage Therapist to get rid of those chronic pain spots or just fixing your posture that has been damaged from sitting at your desk all day. Who knows, maybe you’ll make that massage a weekly occurrence. I know I try to.

Play some brain games. The easiest way to keep your brain sharp is through brain games and sometimes they can seem almost mindless. However, some of these games can really exercise your brain and see what basic skills you could work on improving. Maybe you need to work on your logic skills or maybe even your reflexes. These are all basic skills that will keep you a sharp and well-balanced professional. There are a couple of different websites and places where you can play these games and they include Lumosity and GamesForTheBrain.com.

Read an entire novel. I really mean it, sit down and completely read a book while you have the down time to do so. There is nothing better than the accomplishment you feel after completing a novel. I recommend a couple of different books to my coaching clients including The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Sun Tzo on the Art of War. Both of these books are easily downloadable for free with a simple Google search, or even for a super discounted rate on your iPhone or Tablet.

Learn a new language. Or at least start to learn a new language. There are so many free apps that you can use to brush up on any language. I know that our social media manager was using an App called Duolingo at one point and she had three different language lessons on the go. It’s a great free resource to learn new language, but there are always paid options like Rosetta Stone or classes at a community college.

Take a new course that will help you with your career. There are a ton of ways that you can keep your brain sharp on vacation and taking a course may seem like you’re bringing your work home with you, but sometimes it’s a good way to get your wheels rolling forward again to hit your desk hard on that Monday back. We offer a couple of different training courses that are excellent mind refreshers that have you looking at things differently when you do finally get back to work. We have a Sales Class that caters specifically to those who sell consulting services and negotiation classes for anyone across all industries. They are only half days so you can study in the morning (by the pool because they are remote) and then get back to relaxing in the afternoon.

No matter how long the vacation, keep your brain sharp while you’re away. It’ll be to your benefit when you get back and are still miles ahead of the competition.

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