14 Jul 2016

Negotiate to Win Class Just Released!

Over the past few weeks, we have been working extensively on a new course for our industry and we’re very excited to present it to our network. We have never done a class like this, so our Negotiate to Win Training Program is going to include information that Rebecca has never taught to the public previously.

In our Negotiate to Win Training Program, you will learn the basics of negotiating, how to determine whether or not you are controlling the conversation, and deciding the outcome before heading into battle. This class will teach what to research about your target in order to win a negotiation and how to accept your victory gracefully so you can continue great relations with clients.

Life itself is a negotiation and we don’t spend enough time training this requisite skill. As an entrepreneur, Rebecca prides herself for negotiating EVERYTHING. She has built organizations, dissolved partnerships, and recovered clients that no one could get back to the table.

Our first class is going to take place on August 8th from 12-3 PM EST so that all of our network from coast-to-coast can join in this time. For more information, contact Rebecca Sargeant directly at rebecca@curta.ca or call 905-627-5060 if you’re in Canada or 617-396-4450 for our friends South of the Border.

We are so excited to see you there!

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