18 Jul 2016

How Negotiation Skills Can Help You In Everyday Life

Life is a constant string of interactions, and most of those are negotiations with others. We do ourselves a real disservice by not knowing the basic rules of negotiation. We negotiate when we make plans, or when it comes down who’s doing what around the house. We negotiate at dinner time when the bill is brought out and when we enter any sort of personal sales exchange. We negotiate all day everyday, but not many people know how to do it well.

At the end of any negotiation however, there are people who are both excited and eager to work together afterwords or the voracious winner who left his opponent feeling defeated.

The trick to negotiations in every single situation, whether its personal or professional, is making sure that you ferret out everyone’s best interests. If you can come to a mutual agreement with mutual compensation, that person will be more willing to relent and do business with you again.

So how can mastering this skill help you?

Well-planned negotiations can help you avoid conflict and keep everyone happy. My husband told me that I am no longer allowed to negotiate with his friends because he doesn’t want anyone to be mad at him. It’s simple, if you go to battle with someone via negotiations and don’t give them a way to win with you, then how can you expect them to be friendly with you later on? Don’t find the fault in a deal and always remember to value what other people have. A good negotiator knows how to win graciously and gives the other party a way out or a way to feel good at the end of the day.

Negotiation keeps you honest in your dealings. There is nothing worse than a negotiator who’s lot in life is to rub in their victory. A good negotiator knows how to make sure that they react with decorum and dignity. Never stoop to name calling or verbal abuse to push a deal through, keep your calm and carry on as they say.

Negotiating teaches you how to compromise. The art of negotiating is finding that middle ground where everyone is satisfied and leaving with a good impression of the other person. Being stuck on one price or one outcome, is a good way to lose the person completely. They will either choose to go somewhere else for negotiations or they will cave and be unhappy with the outcome.

Negotiations help you put your priorities in order. There is nothing like a serious negotiation to put your priorities in order. You thought something was important, until you ran the risk of losing something else. Negotiation is a give and take, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to give. Once you figure out your priorities, you’ll start to better understand how to leverage your arguments.

We are actually running a brand new Negotiation to Win Training Program starting August 8th from 12-3 PM EST. If you have problems with negotiations, feel free to join our class and learn something that I can guarantee will help you in the long run.

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