A Thank-You from an Amazing Recruiter

One of the greatest things about being a trainer is hearing the impact that I have on my student’s success. Alison Hemmings is the Lead Consultant at Hemmings Consulting, and one of my closest colleagues in this industry. She called me for coaching and training and I have watched her grow and progress as not only a recruiter, but a business owner.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have an open desk in our office for Recruiters that are passing through and one Thursday Alison surprised me with this amazing letter.

This is truly why Curta Precision Recruitment operates and why we’re so motivated to change the industry each and everyday.

-Rebecca Sargeant, CEO

When I first branched out on my own as a recruiter and set my sights on owning and operating an independent firm I knew I would encounter many challenges along the way. I also knew that in order to get a head start on tackling these challenges I would need to surround myself with the right people, those with the knowledge, experience and passion about the industry that I love and wanted to continue to succeed in. I first met Rebecca Sargeant and the Curta team during one of the most difficult points in my career. My business had hit a snag and I was sitting at a crossroads in need of some guidance and support. Enter Rebecca, she helped me to prioritize the responsibilities on my plate to ensure that my business would continue to operate as smoothly and successfully as possible throughout the entirety of the transition. She was my constant coach, and mentor, always willing to hear me out and offer advice as needed.

From that point on Rebecca Sargeant and the Curta team became a staple in my professional life and began to play a role in my, now rapidly advancing, business successes. Rebecca has been instrumental in helping me to define my goals, seek out the business I need to achieve those and is always there when I need to review, change up, or completely reinvent a strategy or approach. Since meeting Rebecca and the Curta team I have been able to grow my business ten-fold, I have established myself as a top-tier recruiter in my industry and am often sought out by companies that I once dreamed of having an “in” with.

When I made the decision to bring on additional recruiters and expand my business Rebecca was the first person I went to. Her in-depth Recruitment Training allowed me to feel at ease and gave me the satisfaction that my new team would have the skills, knowledge and motivation necessary to making them successful – right from the start!

I would highly recommend the sales training to any recruiters out there looking to pick up business, expand their reach and gain an incredible return on investment. Independent recruiters, I’m looking at you! With all of the competition out there from the ‘big guys’ it’s important to take every opportunity you can to gain a “leg-up” on the competition. Rebecca Sargeant and the Curta team deliver, you will not be disappointed!

-Alison Hemmings, Lead Consultant at Hemmings Consulting

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