Great News From a Student and Fellow Professional

On Mondays, I pull back the curtain on Marketing Candidates for a select few Recruiters, and I have to tell you that class is always a BLAST to teach.

Hearing someone’s “A-Ha” moment is one of the most inspiring and motivating moments of my day.

But reading about their business success…

Well, that’s why I got into this industry.

One of our students sent me an email only three days after his course ended letting me know that he used our Marketing Candidate formula and it helped him close a deal. It’s amazing that with a few adjustments, you can get a BIG (like, $20,000 in your pocket big) win in just under a week.

I’ll let Marc explain it.


As mentioned, up until two weeks ago, I had never marketed a candidate to a client or prospective client in the 20 years I’ve been involved with recruiting.   It’s not that I hadn’t thought about it many times, but I’ve always relied on working job orders.  Nevertheless, I recently received the resume of a CPA with 15+ years experience.  Much of the candidate’s experience had been in healthcare sector, where I focus my attention.

Having no job order in hand for this CPA, I decided ‘to market’ the candidate to a medical billing and physician practice management company I last did business with in 2010.  This company had been acquired by a much larger company in 2011 and the new company employed its own in-house recruiters.  As a result, I figured I had a good run, so notwithstanding the fact I had lost contact with many of the managers who had once worked there, I decided to contact the new company anyway.

The first call I made was to a vice president in Tulsa who I knew who had remained with the new company.  I told him I had a seasoned healthcare ‘financial services’ person who wanted to relocate from Jackson, Mississippi to Dallas, Texas, because of family reasons. Did he know of any positions open in Dallas?

The vice president in Tulsa told me to get in touch with the vice president in Dallas who he had heard was looking to fill a financial services position.  Since I didn’t know the vice president in Dallas, the Tulsa guy texted the Dallas guy and told him to expect my call.  I then phoned the vice president in Dallas who  was receptive, however, he explained he had filled the open financial services position only two weeks earlier.  Still, since I had placed other people with the old company in the past, he had no problem working with me in the future.  In essence, I realized I had made a ‘new client’ out of an ‘old client’.

When Rebecca contacted me about taking ‘Marketing Candidates’ webinar last week, I thought about what I attempted to do with the CPA candidate the week before.  I also thought there must be something more to it, perhaps, a proven technique to marketing candidates. That’s what attracted me to sign up for the webinar.

To make a long story short, I received an email today from the vice president in Dallas telling me he had another financial services position to fill and could I check to see if the CPA candidate who I had spoken to him about was still available?  He also cc:ed the HR person who he had assigned to work with me.  I called her and worked out a 20% fee for a position that pays a starting salary of between $100-110K.  That would amount to a fee of $20-22K.  

We’re just starting the interview process, but it’s my first shot at ‘marketing a candidate’.  Also, this CPA candidate happened to be one of the 5 resumes I brought to the webinar.  I rated her a ‘6’.  

My reason for calling Rebecca today was to see if I could count this candidate as part of my assignment to market 2 candidate over the next two weeks.

Of course, she said, “Yes!”  As far as I’m concerned, one down, one to go!