Negotiate to Win Training Program

Negotiations are a way of life. Learn how to start winning everytime.

The Negotiate to Win Training Program is one half-day interactive live webinar. They are designed to have you training for half of the day, not taking a full day away from your desk.

Plus, two weeks following the training, we will have a refresher class that will cover any concerns or questions you may have from the class.

How does Training Run?

Classes start at 12:00 PM EST. To allow that all course material is covered in a timely manner, the session will run until completion.

Once class is complete for the day, the students will return to their desks and begin implementing the lessons learned.

Unique Follow-ups

During the recruiter training program, coaches are available for the rest of the day. Two weeks after the last class, you get a one-hour session to address all issues or obstacles with your newly honed and adopted skills.

This particular negotiation class will cover the basics of negotiating, how to determine whether or not you are controlling the conversation, and deciding an outcome before heading into battle. This class will also cover researching to win, and how to get what you want gracefully. Remember, life is a negotiation and so much of our daily lives revolve around this practice. Few of us truly take the time in learning what it takes to become great at this requisite skill. As an Entrepreneur and a Veteran Recruiter, I pride myself for negotiating EVERYTHING. I have built organizations, dissolved partnerships, and recovered clients that no one could get back to the table.

The Recruiter’s Coach is offering this class to not only Recruiters, but everyone who negotiates for anything on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to accessing the interactive webinar, each student will receive a Workbook, Production Tools, Tailored Scripts, and a one-hour follow-up coaching session.

The one-day Negotiate to Win Training Program fee is $375.00 per student.

 Many of our students have passed with 80% of higher and have quickly become Top Performers.

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