Recruiter Foundational Training Program

Perfect for the beginner Recruiter, but also the seasoned Recruitment Professional who needs a refresher.

The Recruiter Foundational Training Program is a series of five half-day interactive live webinars. They are designed to have your new hires training in the mornings, and back at their desks in the afternoon, producing and applying their recently acquired skills.

Plus, two weeks following the training, we begin our series of bi-monthly class coaching follow-ups, for a total of six one-hour sessions. This is the basic recruiter training program that your entire team should have under their belt.

How does Training Run?

Classes start on Monday morning at 9:00 AM EST. To allow that all course material is covered in a timely manner, each day’s session will run until completion.

Once class is complete for the day, the students will return to their desks and begin implementing the lessons learned. A portion of their homework will be to report back to class the next day about problems they faced, and how they overcame those problems using the recently acquired tools and techniques.

To further ensure that your new hires are returning to your organization ready to hit the ground running, they will be graded on a pre-work workbook, daily assignments, and daily tests. Using this overall structured approach, we keep expenses in check while ensuring proper implementation of the course material.

Unique Follow-ups

During the recruiter training program, coaches are available for the rest of the day. Two weeks after the last class, you get a one-hour session to address all issues or obstacles with your newly honed and adopted skills.
Starting two weeks after the training, you are also invite to six free one-hour group-coaching sessions in a Mastermind format.

This particular recruiter training program will include learning the best social media tools to source the perfect candidates, through to updating head hunting techniques that are guaranteed to get people on the phone. To ensure training is moving along smoothly within your organization, we have provided a training syllabus for your review that can be found below.

The Recruiter’s Coach offers business owners and managers the ability to access the best Recruiter Training Program they will ever need in order to develop their internal staff.

Daily Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Recruiting: (History of Recruiting, The 25 Step Recruitment Process, and Different types of recruiting)
  • Reading Resumes and Understanding Candidates
  • Reading Job Descriptions and Understanding the Clients
  • Job Postings
  • Sourcing Resumes (What is sourcing, Different sites to use to source [i.e. Google, Referyes, Jigsaw, The Ladders, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Monster, and Workopolis.] How and where to post)
  • Headhunting 101
  • Qualifying the candidate
  • Headhunting 102
  • Different Client Interviews
  • Scheduling the interviews
  • Securing Candidate “Buy In”
  • Presenting to a Client
  • Scheduling the Interview
  • Negotiating
  • Closing the Deal
  • Running a recruiting desk (Planning, Ratios and Daily Routine)
2 Weeks Later
  • One hour session to discuss any and all issues
  • Acknowledge success!
  • Group follow-up begins

In addition to accessing the interactive webinar, each student will receive a Recruiter Foundations Pre-Work Workbook, Workbook, Production Tools, Personally Tailored Scripts, and a one-hour follow-up coaching session.

The one-week Recruiter Foundational Training Program fee is $1000.00 per student.

We have trained hundreds of Recruitment Professionals using the Recruiter Foundational Program. Many of our students have passed with 80% of higher and have quickly become Top Performers. Plus, many business owners report that by the end of the course, their new hires are fully trained and can handle a workload equal to Recruiters who have finished a three-month internal training program.