Building Business - Marketing Candidates

Recruiters hate business development, but this program makes it much easier to get back on the phone.

The Building Business Class is an intense four-hour live interactive webinar that can be completed at your desk with no interruption to the rest of the organization. This class is designed to help Recruitment Professionals make the transition from Recruiter to Account Manager, ramping up sales skills.

Despite what many think, not all Recruiters are natural sales people. Some Recruitment Professionals don’t like selling, while others naturally excel in the art of sales. For those who don’t, this course will help you find new and innovative ways to build business that doesn’t feel like “selling”. For those who do like to sell, the programs will help you shorten the process and close additional business in less time.

Marketing Candidates is a great way to build business, let our recruiter training show you how.

Over the last summer, 75 Recruitment Professionals took this training program and from that class we have some amazing success stories.

  • One of our Recruitment Professionals was able to place a marketable candidate, generating $25K fee from a new client by making just one phone call and scheduling a face-to-face interview.

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  • Another student was able to generate $300K of new business, while grabbing 10 brand new orders from a new client.

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Unique Coaching with Follow-Ups

Curta will never complete a training session and leave their students high and dry. We will follow-up all of our training with extra coaching free of charge, two weeks after the formal training session.

See What Our Students Are Saying

What does the Training Cover?

• Building a Niche

• Categorizing Marketable Candidates

• Building a Strong understanding of the Market and a Marketable Candidate

• Tools and Building a Marketing Campaign

• Techniques of Sharing Information Clients and Prospects

What Will I Receive With My Training?

• The Building Business –Marketing Candidates Workbook

• Production Forms

• Marketing Emails

• Simple and Easy to Use Scripts

• The Curta Building Business Game

The Building Business – Marketing Candidates Program runs on Fridays at $375.00 per student.

We have trained hundreds of Recruitment Professionals using the Building Business Training Program. Many of our students have passed with 80% or higher and have quickly become Top Performers.

Register For the November 1, 2016 (12 pm to 4 pm Est) Class