Mastering Solution Selling

Get comfortable on the phone again and learn the lost art of Solution Selling.

The Mastering Solution Selling (MSS)Sales Training Program targets individuals in an organization who have the prime responsibility of hunting for new clients and job orders. This course is made specifically for those with over three years of experience, already closing over $200K, and has experience in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry.

Students will learn to get comfortable on the phone again, building relationships and lasting business with both clients and candidates. A great salesperson should be able to get on the phone with anyone, regardless of job title.

How does Training Work?

The MSS Sales Training Program is a series of three half-day interactive webinars designed to have your staff training in the morning and have them back at their desk in the afternoon applying their recently acquired skills. Each program starts on Monday at 9:00 AM EST and will run until all of the course material has been complete for the day.

A portion of their homework will be to report back to class the next day about problems they face and how they overcame those problems using the recently acquired tools and techniques, building on the previous day’s training and homework.

Curta’s Unique Coaching and Follow-Up

Starting two weeks after the last training, we follow-up with a one hour coaching session to iron out any issues or personal obstacles. Curta will also provide free extra coaching during the training period.

Curta will also offer weekly check-ins and progress reports for agency and company owners.

What Will We Learn?

• Overview of the Recruiting Process

• Understanding Your Client

• Building Your Target List

• Building a Script

• Building a Marketing Plan

• Contract Negotiation

• Production Expectations

What else do I get?

• The Mastering Solution Selling (MSS) Sales Training Workbook

• Production Forms

• Marketing Emails

• Simple and Easy to Use Scripts

• The Curta Building Business Game.

The three-day Mastering Solution Selling Training fee is $750.00 and includes our Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We have trained hundreds of Recruitment Professionals using the Mastering Solution Selling Sales Training. Many of our students have passed with 80% or higher and have quickly become Top Performers.