Recruiter Refresher

When you have more than the basics, but just need a little refresher.

The Recruiter Refresher Training is a series of three half-day interactive live webinars designed for the experienced recruiter. This advanced recruiter training program is targeted for those who are already billing upwards $125K and are looking to reach their full potential.

The aim of this training is to fine tune recruitment skills, refocus work efforts, and most importantly, boost production.

How Does Training Work?

Similar to our Recruiter Foundational Training, the webinars will run in the mornings so that you are back at your desk by the afternoon applying your recently acquired skills. A portion of your homework will be to report back to class the next day about any problems or roadblocks you experiences and how you overcame them learning using your new tools and techniques.

To further ensure your success, you are graded on a pre-work workbook, daily assignments and daily tests. Using this structured approach we can keep your expenses in check while ensuring proper implementation of the course material.

What does Training Cover?

This recruiter training program will include learning how to properly use social media to your advantage, updating headhunting techniques, and overcoming the roadblocks associated with Senior Recruiters.

Curta’s Unique Coaching

Starting two weeks after the last training session, Curta Coaches will be available for a one-hour formal coaching session to iron out any issues or personal obstacles. We also provide extra coaching necessary outside of class hours during the actual training period. When you’re stumped or simply need clarification from training earlier in the day, we will provide you one-on-one coaching along the way via email or phone.

What else do I get?

In addition to accessing the interactive webinar, each student will receive Recruiter Refresher Training pre-workbook, workbook, production tools, personally tailored scripts and a one-hour coaching session.

The three-day Recruiter Refresher Training fee is $750.00 per student.

We have trained hundreds of Recruitment Professionals using the Recruiter Refresher Training. Many of our students have passed with 80% or higher and have quickly become Top Performers.